The Green Health Revolution
The 'soil' is your body
The 'harvest' is your new found energy
The 'feast' is life with optimal health

       Broken Hearts: Western Medicine's Love Affair
     with the Pharmaceutical Industry Begins to Sour

Over the last 170 years we have seen the birth and development of "Western medicine".  The foundational arguments of Antoine Bechamp (champion of the body's innate capacity for immunity) and Louis Pasteur (champion of the study and treatment of disease) defined the path of what would become Western medicine.  Pasteur won the attention of the field, and the great work of the anatomists, chemists, and biologists that followed pioneered an astonishing journey into our understanding of human disease.  The discovery of penicillin in the 1940's marked the end of Western medicine's adolescence and ushered in an era of unprecedented discoveries in human biology and disease.  Emboldened by the success of vaccines for polio, tetanus, and diptheria, and later by the apparent success of insertable devices and machines (cardiac stents, pacemakers, automated insulin pumps), the confidence of the field reached a fevered pitch by the end of the century.  As the human genome was unraveled over the course of the 1990's we were hearing bold predictions about the end of infectious diseases, cancer, and heart disease, and were given visions of a new era of 'personalized medicine' in which we would be able to just scan your DNA to predict what diseases you will become afflicted with, and identify the perfect drug therapy for your future cancer, dementia, or stroke.  Unfortunately, over these same decades we produced and consumed the most unnatural and toxic foods in the history of mankind.  The immediate and long term consequences have, at the cellular level, changed the way that our genes are functioning. 

We are proving that we are what we eat at the DNA level.  It is not your genes that predict your health, but your bodies capacity to translate those genes in a healthy fashion that predict your life outcomes.  Your environment determines what your genes do.  

Those heady decades of grand predictions of pharmaceutical 'magic bullets' were fueled by seemingly fantastic new drugs like the new generation antacids, and antibiotics for everything from your in-grown toenail to your tuberculosis, antivirals for everything from influenza to HIV, chemotherapies for everything from acne to your breast cancer.  Many of these drugs have been consistently shown to change the course of human disease, but the word 'cure' has been elusive in Western medicine.  At their best, these pharmaceuticals help blunt the symptoms and progression of disease long enough for your body to achieve real healing through the miraculous immune system and the macinery of cell repair.   At their worst, they ameliorate the symptoms of a toxic lifestyle and allow us to continue the systemic damage sustained from continued consumption of this lifestyle. 

The last 20 years have allowed us to begin to study the long term effects of these super-drugs.  The track record is discouraging.  More than 60 years into the antibiotic era we now have higher rates of tuberculosis in endemic areas of the world than we did 100 years ago - and most of it is now more aggressive and highly resistant to drugs.  The HIV epidemic now constitutes the largest infectious epidemic in the history of mankind; despite 10's of billions of dollars in research and drug development, HIV now infects 1 in every 8 African American males in our nation's capital.  Most of the Influenza in the world is now resistant to the drugs we were using as front line treatment just 4 years ago.  Even the powerful antacids are now shown to cause a poorly understood atrophy of the stomach lining, increase our risk for pneumonia, and enable us to more comfortably consume the fat-laden cuisine that is fueling our number one killers - cardiovascular disease and cancer.  

Even when drugs manage to contain cancer, or reduce heart attacks or strokes, the clinical trials consistently show little change in the actual length of life. This suggests that these diseases rarely swoop in to kill otherwise perfectly healthy humans, but instead, their occurrence alerts us to an ailing body that is going to die one way or another as the body's natural defenses continue to succumb to chronic environmental stress.

Perhaps most frustrating: it seems we can hardly get through a few months without another study revealing that yet another drug has actually caused more harm than good - this after the pharmaceutical company walks away with many billions of dollars during the first decade of the drug's use. 

Our overconfidence in pharmaceuticals has hurt us, but it is going to kill our children.  For the first time in American history our children are expected to live shorter than us.  The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has announced that 1 in 3 children in elementary school is expected to become diabetic in adulthood.  We can expect the impact of this burden of disease to negate the marginal progress that we had made in controlling rates of cancer and cardiovascular in decades past. 

This is a burden of chronic disease that is unprecedented in human history, a burden that will crush the physical and financial resources of this nation's healthcare system.  There is no healthcare bill going to save us on this one.  Our children who escape these epidemics will be shouldered with a flagging economy that staggers under the weight of a healthcare industry that will consume well beyond 25% of our gross domestic product (GDP) within 20 years (Japan spends 5% of their GDP on universal healthcare and has a life expectancy 8 years longer than ours) - Ours will be an economy that will be dependent upon an increasingly unproductive work force that suffers from an ever increasing volume of mental and physical disorder stemming from nutritional stress. 

We are now in the convalescent years of Western medicine's pharmaceutical era.   This is not a prediction of future pharmaceutical collapse.  This is a current reality.  In the last years we have seen the world's two largest pharmaceutical companies fold their research and development divisions in cardiovascular medications as they have seen the drug pipeline dry up as an increasing number of new drugs in this arena have been causing increased mortality.   All but a few pharmaceutical companies have given up on antibiotic development as they now recognize the short-lived therapeutic capacity of these drugs to combat the increasingly rapid development of antibiotic-resistance.  Drug development has given up on targeting health outcomes such as length or quality of life, instead focusing on markers of disease such as blood sugar, cholesterol, cancer cells, immune cells, etc.  

                        The Green Health Revolution

The successful farmer understands that the quality of the soil is the foundation for a healthy crop -- one that is resistant to disease; we are no different as humans - by restoring health to the digestive system (gut and liver), the immune system, and the neuromuscular system, your body's inate capacity for healing and vital living emerges.  We are fearfully and wonderfully made.  It is our privlage to be witness to the emerging health and vitality of our patients.   

We have assembled a multi-disciplinary team that believes that there is no remedy -- Western, Eastern, or otherwise -- that can compete with the toxicity of the American lifestyle.   Our team sees every patient with the intention of identifying the areas of greatest systemic stress: digestive, metabolic, psychological, and immune deficiencies that have allowed the patient's decline in function and created the foot hold for disease.  We then focuses all therapeutic attention to the rapid elimination of systemic insults, and leverage the combined knowledge and expertise of our team to restore the body's innate system of healing, thus relieving patient and doctor from the vicious cycle of: disease, drug, side effect, drug, side effect, drug... 

We employ the best of academic medicine and the traditional healing arts in an all out effort to restore you to the point of optimal health at every age.  

No matter how healthy we live, no matter how exceptionally we eat, this life is going to be full of moments of crushing heartache, broken dreams, and true suffering.  Our goal is to help you get to a point of health that will also allow you to realize moments of great joy and well being, and we look forward to the opportunity to support you when a storm rages over you; we have all been there.

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